Be part of our textile revolution in 2018.  Get 50% off a cushion cover 50x50cm printed on our Half Panama Antigua!

Create your own top quality bespoke cushion cover for just £16.00 (normal price £32.00)!!   Here’s how:

Go to our editor here.

  • Select product Cushion Cover 50x50cm.
  • Now create your pattern.  You can draw a picture and scan it, use a photo, create your own pattern in our editor, or choose a pattern from our collection.
  • Next choose fabric Half Panama Antigua (P).  
  • Then at checkout use code TestElo0118 to apply a 50% discount.

Offer ends 31st January and is limited to one cushion cover per account.  Limited to 1000 cushion covers across all Elobina platforms so be quick before they run out!  Happy Creating!