Small scale production, bespoke products

Elobina’s concept is about moving away from mass production and instead offering the opportunity for anyone to create their own bespoke and personalised textiles in small volumes.  Set up in 2012 by founding partners Jan and Vilma in Malmo, Sweden, the concept is based around our unique IT platform which we are constantly developing to offer our customers greater flexibility.  Following from the success of the Swedish site Elobina UK was launched in 2016 and is run from our premises in the beautiful countryside of the Isle of Oxney in Kent.

Instead of investing in machinery, we invest in our IT platform and our people.  We don’t print anything ourselves but instead have partnered with commercial printers in the UK and Northern Europe thereby offering our customers the very best professional print quality otherwise reserved for big brands printing in large volumes.  We use different printers who specialise in different ink technologies and fabrics, so our customers can always find the very best that digital print has to offer under one roof.

We have sewing studios in Kent in the UK and in Malmo, Sweden where every product is sewn to order by hand.  We work with a number of business offering a one stop solution for textile production from design through print and sew across a full range of textile products.

Sustainable production has been of key importance from the beginning and over the years we have invested in offering organic cottons alongside alternative base cloths such as recycled polyester.  To date we are the only print bureau in the UK to offer print on demand on a range of organic cottons which we source from a UK supplier and place with our printers.

Whether you are an individual wanting to create a bespoke cushion as a gift, a start-up business or an established brand looking for improved quality and service, we hope you will join us on our journey towards a textile revolution.

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We offer more organic cottons than any other print bureau in the world.  We’re also always looking for cloths alternative to cotton such as lyocell and bamboo, and we stock a recycled polyester.


We offer a quick and personal service, and we are available when customers need us.  We offer a complete solution for textile production from design through to sewing and finishing all with one point of contact.


Information about our process, the production and development of new products, patterns & techniques will be available to everyone.



We want to encourage our customers to engage in our work for the environment and social responsibility.

All products have meaning.  We believe that by investing time and creativity into the textiles we use, we add greatly to their value, thereby extending their life cycle and therefore avoiding waste.