Duvet Cover Baby 70x100cm

Min price £47.00

Personalise your nursery with a bespoke quilt cover from Elobina.  You can upload your own design, add text, or choose a pattern from our collection.

Delivery time: 5-7 weeks

Read more about printing techniques and materials below.


Elobina duvet for baby 70x100cm

Brighten up the bedroom with a little color for spring with a custom designed duvet cover

Our duvet covers come in three set sizes, baby 70x100cm, junior 100x130cm and 150x210cm

You choose materials and designs. Upload a picture or pattern that you want in our fabric editor where you can edit, create repeats and also add text.  You can also choose a ready made pattern from our collection.

All products on Elobina are sewn to professional high quality in our UK studio.

For baby and children’s duvets, you can select a variety of fabrics. Organic poplin is a favorite choice. Read about the benefits of organic cotton here on the website of the Soil Association.  More information on the GOTS certification can be found here.  We only buy GOTS certified organic cotton.

Other fabrics that would also work for bedding are Cotton Satin Alnarp or Cotton Satin Lomma