Kitchen Towel 48 × 68

Min price £16.81

Kitchen towel 48 x 68cm. Design your own kitchen towel for your own kitchen or as a unique gift.
Upload your own image or pattern, or choose one of our ready-made patterns and images.
All our products are sewn in the UK.

Our GOTS organic twill is a good absorbent cloth for kitchen towels.


Elobinas Kitchen Towel 48x 68cm.

Most of us use a kitchen towel every day and they are normally hung on display in our kitchens, so why not order something different and personalised for your own kitchen or as a gift.

A picture or pattern that you always liked, you can now get on your particular kitchen towel. Upload the image you wish, choose any fabric and what / what colors you want your pattern. Or you can choose a pattern from our collection.

Elobinas towels are environmentally friendly and sewn to professional standards in our studio, but designed by you!